This is for you IF:

Setting goals makes you feel like THIS ----->

You feel stuck.

It's easier to just let life happen.

You can't afford to do life differently.

You've had the same New Year's resolution more than once.

The events of 2020 were a wakeup call.

Yeah, I've set goals, failed, and reset them again.

Goals don't work.

Well, they CAN, and they sometimes do, but we make it so much harder than it needs to be. I've been through countless annual goal-setting in the workplace or even in my fitness, but was never able to get my WHOLE life moving toward what I wanted. Just pieces, and scattered pieces at that.

I'm Barb and I'll be leading you through this workshop. This is a process I went through to look at myself (and my life) as a whole, tap into what my dreams actually are, and then set a vision to GO for it!

Most people never look at life this way. Most people set goals for 12 months or less, then wonder why life overall stays the same.

I got tired of feeling like my life was driving me instead of the other way around. Now I never set goals until my vision is sound.

But here's the catch - the WAY you cast a vision, the language you use and the conflict between "doing" vs. "feeling" can set you up for failure before you even get started!


I tried Vision Casting instead. And, it worked.

I made faster strides in my career, my health, my finances, my level of peace, and my relationships once my vision was set. Do I still fumble around sometimes? For sure. Do I still have work to do? ALWAYS. 

 But now I'm happy and actually growing. I can help you get there, too.

What you need to know:

  • This workshop is on-demand. You can watch the video content and complete the materials at your convenience, however often you desire.
  • While you may access the course as many times as needed, I ask that you honor my work by exclusively sharing content only within your household.
  • This course walks you through the process to write your vision and identify where to start, so that setting goals in the future becomes MUCH more effective and aligned.

Don't wait to get started!

This is an introductory course, on-demand, whenever you are ready. Your purchase does not expire.